OpenELA Announces Source Code Release, Incorporation, and TSC

OpenELA Announces Source Code Release, Incorporation, and TSC
Gregory KurtzerNovember 3, 2023

At CIQ, we've always believed in the transformative power of collaboration. As you may know, CIQ, along with Oracle and SUSE, formed OpenELA to deliver open source code, tools, and systems for the community. And now, we are excited to share a pivotal update:

  • We have publicly released the source code for packages.

  • OpenELA incorporation is complete, providing a forum for stakeholders interested in supporting the goals and interests of developing open source Enterprise Linux distributions.

  • OpenELA has formed a Technical Steering Committee (TSC), which will oversee the technical aspects of the project and guide its development and ongoing maintenance.

Opening up the code universe

CIQ understands that code transparency and accessibility form the bedrock of a community-driven Linux distribution. OpenELA, which was formed to ensure a stable and resilient future for both upstream and downstream communities to leverage Enterprise Linux, has reached a significant milestone with the public unveiling of Enterprise Linux packages.

Starting off with the EL8 and EL9 versions, with EL7 soon to follow, we are ecstatic that developers worldwide can now freely create their own derivative Enterprise Linux operating system. For a deep dive into the code and documentation, visit OpenELA’s GitHub repository and the official website.

Incorporation of OpenELA

The incorporation of OpenELA can be viewed as a foundational tool to make a positive impact on the open source effort, in aligning the values of the effort and ensuring proper engagement with the open source community. OpenELA's transformation into a Delaware 501(c)6 US non-profit organization also aligns with our shared mission at CIQ. Through this step, OpenELA aims to foster a collaborative ecosystem for all stakeholders committed to nurturing open source enterprise Linux distributions.

Technical Steering Committee is formed

The formation of a Technical Steering Committee (TSC) will play a crucial role in the governance and decision-making process of OpenELA, overseeing the technical aspects of the project and guiding its development and ongoing maintenance. This committee, composed of highly experienced individuals from the founding companies, will fortify OpenELA's technical objectives. Its overarching goal is to preserve the sanctity of the code and maintain community security.

While CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE stand together as foundational pillars for OpenELA, the association's doors are wide open for all organizations passionate about the future of Enterprise Linux packages. Our mission is clear: to ensure a collaborative and stable future for all professional IT departments and enterprise use cases. Interested in joining? Please visit Stay tuned to this space for more exciting updates and announcements from OpenELA!