Automate, innovate and sleep without worry

Ascender transforms your IT operations, by automating routine tasks so you can focus on innovation and growth; ensuring system reliability and compliance, simplifying your work and enabling reproducibility and scale across your infrastructure.

Enterprise IT automation

Ascender automates mundane tasks, simplifies the execution of more complex tasks, and creates audit trails to track changes, reducing costs and increasing productivity for infrastructure teams.

Wake up confident, not concerned

Tired of those middle-of-the-night crisis calls? Ascender's automation and version control turn potential disasters into mere notifications. Sleep easy knowing your systems are consistently up to date and running smoothly.

Do more with less; really

Ascender enables your team to focus on what they do best by automating repetitive tasks. Empower your team to tackle bigger projects and enjoy a significant reduction in effort and costs.


Ascender in action

Kickstart your journey with Ascender through our free online training series. Designed to help you maximize the platform's potential, this series covers everything from basic setup to advanced automation techniques.

Or would you prefer for us to give you a hands on demo, virtual or in person? Reach out to us and let us know!

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Compliance without the complexity

Ascender offers seamless evaluation and enforcement across your infrastructure. Transform tedious compliance audits into simple notifications, and enjoy a real-time dashboard view of your security status across the infrastructure.

Silo Busting made simple

Breaking down silos within your business can seem daunting. Ascender promotes a common language across all teams, streamlining collaboration and making your system management trusted, scalable, and repeatable. Enable your team and delegate responsibilities without risk!

Download the Ascender Guide

Want more information about Ascender? Download our product guide for free and see how Ascender can solve your business's needs.

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Minimize errors,
maximize performance

Concerned about the high risk of human error and suboptimal performance? Ascender's simplified installs and well thought-out included automation reduce errors and automate system hardening across your infrastructure, ensuring consistency and reliability.

Happier teams, lower turnover

Facing high team turnover due to burnout on mundane tasks? Ascender saves your employees from repetition and boredom, making them happier and more inclined to stay. Plus, with savings of over 80% compared to the competition, Ascender ensures a fast ROI and a significant reduction in labor hours on migrations, updates, and compliance tasks.

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Get big results from small actions with our automation tools. Just one click can update configs on all your servers at once, making everything work better together.

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