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CIQ is the Founding Sponsor of Rocky Linux, the fastest growing Enterprise Linux. We offer you a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to optimize your operating system for the AI generation.

Modern OS for any enterprise

CIQ Enterprise Linux provides you with enhanced security, performance, compliance, and stability at scale for all enterprise use-cases, anywhere.

100% Open Source

You have full access to Rocky's source code so that you can view, modify, and improve upon it according to your unique needs.

Security & Compliance

Multiple accreditations including CIS, Nessus, RESF Secure Boot, and CIQ-sponsored FIPS certification.

Performance Optimization

Maximizes efficiency, enhances productivity, and reduces operational costs by seamlessly managing and streamlining computing resources.
Google Cloud

Cloud Spotlight:

CIQ is the exclusive Provider of Enterprise Rocky Linux on Google Cloud

Google Cloud has teamed up with CIQ to make available Rocky Linux Optimized for Google Cloud, purpose-built to run enterprise workloads. These new images contain customized variants of the Rocky Linux kernel and modules that optimize networking performance on Compute Engine infrastructure, while retaining bug-for-bug compatibility with community Rocky Linux and the Enterprise Linux standard.

Personalized Support & Services

Tailor your support to fit your needs. Whether you're looking for standard OS support, environment performance tuning, or proactive support for custom environments, CIQ has you covered with enterprise-grade SLAs. Plus, benefit from our long-term support for versions of Rocky Linux, even beyond their EOL (End of Life) declaration.

Support and services
Mountain Platform

Secure Delivery & Management of Artifacts

CIQ provides a secure platform for delivering and managing enterprise Linux enhancements and applications. Here you can find repositories and tools for easy access to long-term support, security optimizations, and more, ensuring that solutions are not only customizable and optimized but also fully supported. Additionally, CIQ enhances security and supply chain confidence with secure access, single sign-on, and user key management, streamlining the management of artifacts across infrastructures. 

The Right Price

Move away from legacy pricing to fair costs for licensing, support, and automation with CIQ, while enjoying the efficiency of a modern OS designed for optimized workloads.

45% Average Cost Savings


CentOS 7 Workloads

From day one, Rocky Linux has boasted full compatibility with Enterprise Linux, providing "bug-for-bug compatibility" for all use cases. On June 30, 2024, CentOS Linux 7 will reach EOL (End of Life). CIQ simplifies customer migrations by providing easy to deploy solutions on premise and in the cloud. Our commitment to compatibility will remain at the most granular level.

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Linux Standardization

Enterprise tech gets complicated, consistency is key. Simplify management, and ready your enterprise for any future challenge with Linux standardization.

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