Open Source Ethos

We believe that open source is a development and community model around software and sharing for the greater benefit. It is NOT a marketing switch to be enabled or disabled based on corporate and business needs behind closed doors.

“Open source communities encourage innovation through collaboration. Without it, many of the technologies we take for granted today would never have developed, or would be locked away behind patent law. In deploying Rocky Linux, we are returning to true open-source principles.”

— Tareq Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony

Companies should never be able to hold open source projects or communities hostage, and that is exactly why open source projects are being pivoted or changed due to business and corporate agendas.

This is so important to us that we don't own or control any open source projects that we create, maintain, or contribute to. Instead we ask the community itself to lead and decide on the fate of those projects. It is our role to be a contributor to these projects, adding value both to the community at large as well as any business offerings we build around that open source project.

This is the future of how companies should be thinking about open source, and we hope that other companies join us in this vision of true dedication to open source communities.

  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Independence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Resiliency
  • Transparency

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