Our Open Source Commitment at CIQ

At CIQ, we're driven by the principle that open source is more than just a development model; it's a commitment to innovation, transparency, and collaboratively working together. Our journey in the open source world is guided by a deep respect for the ethos that fuels it, and we are committed to always acting aligned in the spirit of open source.

Balancing business and open source

We blend business with open source by adding value without undermining the projects we support. Focused on services that improve the open-source experience, CIQ upholds open source principles, serving both our customers and the wider community. Our journey is marked by continuous evolution, steered by these core values and the collective voice of the communities we engage with.

Beyond traditional models

At CIQ, we embrace a unique open source business model that prioritizes independence and community leadership, diverging from the common approach of company control. This philosophy was created out of Rocky Linux in reaction to CentOS's end-of-life announcement. We chose to support Rocky Linux as an independent project, inviting other organizations to participate in this new model of open source stewardship.

Open source commitment

Our commitment is to work publicly on all extensions of existing open source software, ensuring that development is transparent and freely available. This shift towards open development is exemplified by our work on projects like Rocky Linux, Apptainer, and Warewulf, and is applied universally across our open source endeavors.

Adding Value to Open Source

CIQ enhances the open source ecosystem without seeking control or exclusivity over any open source projects or communities. Our efforts concentrate on:

  • A secure software supply chain and delivery
  • Turn-key solution stacks and infrastructure management solutions
  • SLAs for patches and security updates
  • Validation and accreditation services
  • Custom solutions, management, training, and support

Open source projects CIQ contributes to:

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