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Unify your software infrastructure with a comprehensive suite of tools and services, enhancing security, compliance, and performance that is designed just for you.

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Software infrastructure is complex and costs are high. Special skills and resources are required to meet the needs of the business. You have less time to deliver bigger results. Don’t worry, CIQ has the support you need.


Get the support you need at the right price. We have the industry best value for services.

Community driven

As the founding sponsor of Rocky Linux we understand the importance of community.

High Performance

We’ve got the tools and know-how to get the most out of your environments & workloads.

Secure & Compliant

We have trusted and reliable solutions that can be customized to your needs.

Helping you build great things

Our computing solutions, technologies, and technical services are designed to help you tackle complex challenges, speed up development, improve operational efficiency, and unlock the potential of data and AI.

Enterprise Linux Platform

Everything you need to optimize your software infrastructure in one place.

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IT Automation

Automate a few systems or orchestrate complex workflows across your enterprise.

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High Performance Computing

Focus on innovation and users, leaving the complexities of HPC management to us.

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Deploy images optimized for each major cloud provider from CIQ.

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More choice. Less complexity. The right price

CIQ provides a range of affordable solutions to solve your hardest problems. We’re here to help, you choose what matters most.

Compliance & Security

By enhancing Rocky Linux, CIQ provides additional capabilities to software infrastructure for the most secure and heavily regulated industries, jurisdictions, and government networks.

Looking to Migrate from CentOS to Rocky Linux?

Let us help you on your path to Rocky. CIQ can offer you a bridge to extend the life of CentOS 7 while you plan your migration.


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