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Rocky Linux is the fastest growing and one of the most utilized operating systems for professional IT shops worldwide because it provides outstanding security, performance and value.  Control your destiny and migrate to stability with Rocky Linux and CIQ’s expert support.

Discover true freedom and stability

Open source should mean freedom and stability. If your core infrastructure is dependent on a single vendor, you are at risk. Let us help you migrate your infrastructure to freedom, where you make the rules and vendors compete to provide you true value. CIQ will help you “get out of the red” on-premise, in the cloud, or on the edge, we are here for you!

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Whether it's a straightforward 'lift and shift', a nuanced replatforming, or even considering new solutions altogether, CIQ helps you determine the optimal migration path. We help you align your IT strategy to business objectives, ensuring a migration that fits your needs.

Accelerate automation

With CIQ, automation is at the forefront, transforming complex migrations into smooth transitions. Automation expedites the process and inherently embeds business continuity into the heart of your migration strategy.

Your success is our success

CIQ  views our clients as partners, and we aren’t satisfied until you are. Let’s do more than just solve problems – together, let’s innovate, optimize, and lead the way to a future defined by technological excellence.

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