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A New Era in Performance-Intensive Computing

Fuzzball combines the best of enterprise tooling with the latest in modern HPC technology.

The Next Generation of Computing Infrastructure

Reproducible workflows that run everywhere, integrating Kubernetes with HPC in the way it was intended by optimizing each technology to do what it does best. Ultimately, Fuzzball empowers you to do great things.

Easy On-Ramp

Fuzzball offers an easier on-ramp for emerging AI and data-centric workflows. It's flexible enough to meet the demands of the future.

Reproducible & Portable

Fuzzball encapsulates user programs, their environment, and data management into reproducible, run-anywhere workflows.

Unified Experience

Benefit from the same experience among systems on-premises and in every cloud.

Robust GUI

Fuzzball gives everyone access to powerful computing resources. A modern web-based GUI with API-driven components allows users to interact from everywhere, securely.

Introducing Fuzzball

An Entirely New Computing Paradigm

Manage the data and compute lifecycle of performance-intensive workloads with Fuzzball: a turnkey, hybrid computing infrastructure stack that gives users more control, administrators more reach, and organizations more productivity.

Fuzzball combines the best of cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise with that of traditional HPC, resulting in a lower barrier to entry and increased security, supply chain confidence, and scale. These powerful benefits apply to everything from traditional HPC to compute and data-driven enterprise computing.

Fuzzball brings the vast capabilities, scale, security, and conveniences of k8s-based cluster management to HPC. It gives users the ability to codify their technical workflows and run them against cloud and on-prem clusters in an API-driven, hybrid-computing format.

Open the Door to HPC 2.0 with Fuzzball’s Powerful Features

Greater Control. Increased Reach. Improved Productivity.

Reproducible, Portable Computing Workflows

Fuzzball empowers users to codify their computational pipelines as workflows in a simple DSL that encompasses and documents every aspect of the environments, data movements, container images, etc., necessary to run these workflows on varying compute resources across cloud or on-prem cluster deployments.

Full Kubernetes Integration with Traditional HPC and All Performance-Intensive Computing

k8s brings vast capabilities to the sphere of cluster management that are well-known and heavily relied on in enterprise environments, yet k8s is mostly unused in HPC. Fuzzball leverages k8s and utilizes it according to the best practices for running infrastructure on it.

Integration of Common Enterprise Tools with Traditional Computing Needs

Fuzzball workflows and clusters can easily interact with common enterprise tooling like Ansible, Terraform, CI/CD systems, container registries, and object storages, bringing various capabilities to both the admins and users of Fuzzball.

Robust GUI and API-Driven User Experience

Fuzzball gives users a robust and modern web-based GUI to manage creating and running their workflows. The API-driven nature of Fuzzball’s user-facing components allows users to interact with a cluster and their work on it from afar, without having to use the Linux command line or connect to the server via SSH. A CLI with the same features is also available.

Supported Everywhere and Accessible Everywhere

We support you everywhere, whether that’s on-premises or in AWS (more cloud providers to come). Anywhere you want to operate, we will stand with you. 

Using Fuzzball to Simulate Airflow

Curious what you Fuzzball can do? Here is an example of simulating air flow using Fuzzball!

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