Warewulf Enables Flexible, Scalable, and Simplified Operating System Management for Clusters

Highly Scalable Cluster Management and Provisioning

Whether you’re managing tens of nodes or tens of thousands, you want the simplest way to provision the operating system, a single point of control, and ease of configuration.

Man with beard smiling and wearing a green pullover (Johnathon Anderson)

“Warewulf 4 is the HPC cluster manager I always wanted. Its OCI integration streamlines and simplifies the image creation process, making it trivial to build customized cluster environments on the foundation of the growing container ecosystem.”

Jonathon Anderson, CIQ Solutions Architect Manager

Do. Science.

Warewulf was created to enable your research, your science, and your systems at scale.

Pioneering stateless operating system provisioning since the inception of Warewulf back in 2001 and now integrating into the container ecosystem driving CI/CD and DevOps powered cluster management to do whatever you may ever need to enable your needs.

Today Warewulf is the cluster management toolkit for OpenHPC and thousands of clusters worldwide.


Isn’t Just a Marketing Word.

Warewulf is a cluster management and provisioning platform for all types of clusters, and is designed to produce secure, scalable, turnkey cluster deployments that are both flexible and easy to use. From small, researcher-run clusters all the way to HPC clusters with tens of thousands of nodes, Warewulf scales both up and down to be easy to deploy, administer, debug, and secure in any clustering environment.


Scalable. Extensible. Easy.

The Warewulf project pioneered the concept of stateless provisioning in High Performance Computing (HPC), setting the standard for large-scale cluster deployment. After many years of development, Warewulf transformed from a basic provisioning system into the leading cluster management platform for all HPC environments. (Just a side note: Technically speaking, Warewulf is not an HPC system. It solves the problem of slave node management in a way that is not limited to use in HPC-specific environments.)

Its stateless paradigm makes Warewulf highly scalable and easy to deploy, administer, debug, and secure in any clustering environment.

Why is Warewulf the Most Utilized Cluster Management Solution?


Easy to change and customize for any clustering use case.


Warewulf enables HPC without getting in the way.


Minimal requirements and easy to get started.


From tens to thousands of nodes.

100% Open Source

Hosted by HPCng, Warewulf has broad community and institutional support from national labs and universities, as well as hardware, software, and services vendors.


Supports SELinux, per-node asset keys, and access controls.


Stateless provisioning of entire clusters. Hard drives are optional.


Warewulf can provision thousands of compute nodes simultaneously from a single control instance in a matter of minutes.

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