CIQ Bridge

Extending the life of CentOS 7

We’re offering a lifeline for enterprises still using CentOS Linux 7. Ensure your systems remain secure, compliant and fully operational for an additional 3 years.

Key features

Security, stability, and availability are top of mind for enterprises running CentOS. No matter how far past the EOL date, businesses still need functional and compatible systems. CIQ Bridge offers extended support for:

Kernel Support

Ongoing support for the default 3.10 kernel version.

Userspace Packages

Includes on-going support for mission-critical API/ABI compatible userspace packages.

Security Updates

Provides fixes for key packages with vulnerabilities with CVSS scores of 7-10.

On-Demand Assistance

Available for issues below CVSS 7 and for functionality fixes, proprietary driver support, and other custom needs.

How it works

Subscribers will have access to CIQ’s private repositories. Regular YUM updates will ensure the latest patches are applied. For large-scale deployments, CIQ provides a guide on repository mirroring and automation.

  • CVE Fix Release Intervals: Remediation is ongoing with a constant release schedule.
  • Patch Reporting: Patches will be reported in CSAF format to a public GitHub repository for ingestion by scanning providers like Qualys or Tenable.
Gregory Kurtzer

“CentOS 7 is still one of the most utilized operating systems used among enterprise IT organizations worldwide and we are happy to keep it alive for a bit longer to ensure that everyone has ample time to migrate… to Rocky Linux of course!”

Gregory Kurtzer
Founder of Rocky Linux, co-founder of CentOS
Founder and CEO of CIQ

What’s Included

CIQ prioritizes CVE resolution for a curated list of packages critical to our customers. The list of priority packages can be found at the following Github repository. This repository also includes a script which your team can run in your production environment to identify installed packages which are not on this list. If you do not see one of your installed packages on this list, please reach out to your Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager. Please note that some packages may require additional consideration to support.

Onboarding and Support

CIQ’s Custom Success team will assist you and your team with onboarding to the private repository. If you desire additional support, consider CIQ’s premier Support service for both CentOS and Rocky Linux. 

  • Get access to CIQ’s expert staff of Support Engineers and a Customer Success Manager (CSM).
  • Get answers to technical questions from Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) through CIQ's support portal.
  • For more information, please see contact us.

Your “Bridge” to the future

We're here to extend a helping hand, keeping your systems secure and operational while transitioning from CentOS 7. CIQ Bridge offers stability while we plan your next move.

Talk to CIQ

Extended support

Gain peace of mind with up to three years of additional life for CentOS 7 beyond the official EOL, covering critical security updates for CVSS scores of 7 and above.

Seamless transition

When you're ready, CIQ offers expert guidance to smoothly transition your infrastructure to CIQ Supported Rocky Linux, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Tailored subscriptions

Choose from annual, fixed-rate subscription tiers for CIQ Bridge that match your security needs and budget, with elevated tiers available for more comprehensive coverage.

No service interruptions

Whether you’re facing compliance hurdles, budgetary cycles, or talent shortages, CIQ Bridge ensures your critical operations continue without interruption.

Your path to Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux emerged in 2021 as a formidable alternative to CentOS, built with enterprise-grade performance in mind. As the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux, CIQ is uniquely positioned to provide enterprise-level support, making your migration as seamless as possible.

Let's chart your course together

We’re here to help you navigate these changes, not just as a service provider, but as a fellow community member. Together, we'll find the best route forward, ensuring your systems are safe, secure, and ready for the future. 

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