Careers at CIQ: Expand Your Horizons

We are a team of technologists and open source advocates from business, academia, research, and non-profit alike.

Our team is expanding fast. We are looking for smart, passionate people who believe in empowering others to achieve amazing things.

“I joined CIQ because I wanted to do something different, something interesting, but mostly I wanted to do something that was going to make an impact on the world using technology. ”

— Dave, Channel Sales

Interested in Working at CIQ?

We are inviting exceptional individuals to join our team at CIQ. From software developers to customer advocates, support engineers, solutions architects, and management, our team is growing fast.

The number one reason people tell us they join CIQ is the people who are already here.

“Working at CIQ has allowed me to learn from, and work with, some of the most amazingly intelligent and wonderful people I've ever met. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else!”

— Antonio, Engineering

CIQ Benefits Include:

  • Work on creative solutions to challenging real-world problems
  • The chance to work with industry leaders and innovators
  • 100% remote work
  • Healthcare, vision, and dental benefits
  • Flexible paid time off
  • Mentoring and growth

“Helping to create something so transformative is an exciting and rewarding experience that is not attainable everywhere you go. I have never worked with so many passionate, intelligent, and talented individuals, and I feel honored to be a part of this team.”

— Erin, Operations

CIQ Core Values


Always demonstrate high moral standards, ethics, honesty, humility, and probity.

Be the Example

There is no teaching; there is only learning. Demonstrate our values, commitment, and how you wish to be treated by example.

Learn From Others

There is something to learn from everybody and it is your job to figure out what lesson everyone in life can teach you. Be open to what you have yet to learn!

Always Do Better

Always challenge the status quo and continually consider how we can be doing better, for the company and for our customers. Whatever we’re delivering, from the smallest internal documents to the largest publicly facing service, we’re always asking ourselves how we can do it better.


Effective communication takes effort in understanding, patience, and empathy, especially when misalignments occur.

Current Openings

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“Working at CIQ feels like recapturing an era that I thought I had missed out on, when a bunch of motivated, passionate people come together to solve interesting problems, to challenge each other to learn, and to build something that no one has seen before.”

— Jonathon, Engineering