Long-term support

Extended support for Mission-Critical systems

Dealing with upgrades of complicated or controlled infrastructure every 6 months drives unnecessary risk into your infrastructure. CIQ can help with our Long Term Support (LTS) offering for Rocky Linux point releases.

Resilience and availability everywhere you need it

Our Long-Term Support (LTS) offering is designed for organizations that require sustained stability over extended periods. LTS extends the life of Rocky Linux point releases, allowing your organization to maintain the same operating environment without the disruption of upgrades or maintenance.

Predictable update cadence

Understandably, upgrading every six months isn't feasible for complex application stacks. With CIQ LTS, benefit from a more manageable upgrade timeline with support extending a full 2 years from the initial release.

Compliance without compromise

For sectors where compliance and validation reign supreme, CIQ LTS offers a solution that minimizes the frequency of recertification without compromising on security and support.

Support for even point releases

Targeting even point releases such as x.2, x.4, and x.6, we ensure that your systems receive the necessary security patches and updates well beyond the standard 6-month support window.

Tailored support for every need

If you need more than basic updates, CIQ’s Enhanced Offering delivers customized backporting and package changes. This flexible approach is designed to meet custom needs and ensure business continuity.

Rocky Linux: The future of stability

As part of our commitment to your success, CIQ supports Rocky Linux with updates for minor versions even after they've been declared EOL. By backporting fixes from newer releases, we ensure your transition to Rocky Linux is as smooth and secure as possible.

CentOS 7 Extended Life

Transitioning from CentOS 7 doesn't have to be a leap into the unknown. Think of our CIQ Bridge - CentOS 7 LTS offering as your steady bridge to a newer, safer future. We're here to extend a helping hand, keeping your systems secure and operational while you plan your next move.

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