The holidays are a great time to relax and catch up on some reading. In that spirit, we’ve assembled a list of must-read blog posts and a few other informative resources to help you stay current when it comes to the Rocky Linux, Warewulf, and Apptainer landscape.


How to Migrate CentOS to Rocky Linux – Get started by learning about the prerequisites for a successful migration, then simply follow these step-by-step instructions for migrating to Rocky Linux. If you’re migrating from CentOS to Rocky Linux, be sure to watch our webinar for specific tips. Once you’ve migrated, be sure to read 10 Things to Do After You Download Rocky Linux.

Taming Cluster Deployment – The modern high performance computing cluster is a conglomeration of hardware and software components integrated to act like a single machine. The complexity of deploying such a system has resulted in many professionals such as scientists, researchers, and engineers becoming cluster administrators and solution architects, instead of becoming domain experts in their particular fields. Learn how CIQ, along with our partners and thousands of open source contributors, have been able to tame cluster complexity so that domain specialists can focus on what they do best.

Splitting Warewulf Images Between PXE and NFS – Warewulf 4 introduced compatibility with the OCI container ecosystem, which greatly streamlines the process of defining, importing, and maintaining compute node images compared to other systems. In this blog post, you’ll learn how a full software stack can be managed together with a given compute node image, but the resultant payload can be split in-place between PXE-served netbooting and an NFS-mounted file system.

Traditional HPC: Utilizing Rocky Linux, Warewulf, and Singularity/Apptainer to Create Turnkey Solutions – This blog post highlights the work CIQ has done in creating a turnkey solution with a traditional high performance computing (HPC) stack that meets the needs of a large variety of users. Easy to deploy, highly scalable, and very flexible, this infrastructure substrate provides a stable, secure, and supported foundation, empowering users to build the systems and tools to create what they need and solve their problems.


Inside Rocky Linux Focus Guide – Looking for a deep dive into Rocky Linux? Look no further than Admin Network & Security magazine, a publication of Linux New Media, which recently published the Inside Rocky Linux Focus Guide. In this special focus guide, you’ll learn why Rocky Linux, which is still less than two years old, has already gained a wide audience with users around the world. The guide also features an interview with Rocky Linux founder Gregory Kurtzer, who shares his thoughts on Rocky and the road ahead.


Intel oneAPI Build of OpenRadioss – With the rapid injection of new silicon, new performance software, and managing all the existing components, developing for high performance computing can be stress-inducing. The efforts led by CIQ’s Yoshiaki Senda, however, demonstrate the value and benefits of how an open source community can meet the challenge of keeping pace. This whitepaper describes how to create an Intel oneAPI build of an OpenRadioss Apptainer container image from a daily released repository. You’ll also learn how to run the 2010 Toyota Yaris Detailed Finite Element Model Yaris Impact Model in LS-DYNA® format using the Intel oneAPI build of OpenRadioss Apptainer container. 

Need more ideas? We also suggest getting outside in the great outdoors while listening to one of our many info-packed CIQ webinars.

Happy Holidays from all of us at CIQ!

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