CIQ Glossary

Accelerator Card, Accelerator

A catch-all term for devices that accelerate a specific type of computing. Some of these devices can work with a broad set of applications and workloads, while some are more specialized. For example…
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Accelerator Cards

What is an Accelerator Card? Accelerator cards are specialized hardware components that are designed to offload and accelerate specific tasks. Accelerator cards are typically used in high-performance…
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AI Training/Inference

AI training and inference usually have to leverage HPC-type resources in order to run efficiently, even if these operations are sometimes more associated with enterprise computing based on the context…
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Software run on HPC infrastructure to do computational jobs, like an AI training framework or a CFD program. Usually highly sophisticated in many ways and produced by domain experts.
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An open source container solution that unites the world of containers with the world of HPC in unique ways that other containerization solutions haven’t traditionally addressed, allowing for…
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Batch Jobs, Batch Processing

Computational jobs that a user submits and leaves to run without the job expecting additional input from them. Most traditional HPC use cases would be called batch processing jobs—e.g., submitting a…
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Batch Processing

What is Batch Processing? Batch processing is a technique for automatically processing large amounts of data in a consecutive sequence. This procedure involves gathering the data and grouping it into…
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Beowulf Cluster, Beowulf-style Cluster, Beowulf Architecture

A cluster comprised of multiple consumer-grade computers, like common rack-mount servers, tower desktops, or even at some points in history, gaming console systems, all networked together over an…
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Beowulf Clusters

What Is a Beowulf Cluster? A Beowulf cluster is a type of high performance computing (HPC) cluster that is built using commodity hardware and open source software. Typically, a Beowulf cluster…
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What is CentOS? CentOS, short for Community Enterprise Operating System, is an open source Linux-based operating system derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source code. It is designed as a…
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Cloud Bursting

What Is Cloud Bursting? Cloud bursting allows businesses to manage their infrastructure by automatically accessing additional cloud resources when there is an unexpected or temporary spike in demand…
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A set of computers linked to each other in such a way that their resources can be collectively pooled together on computational jobs. “Cluster” is not a term exclusive to HPC (there are, for example…
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