Our own Neil Hanlon, Linux Engineer at CIQ, will be giving a talk on Peridot at the upcoming CentOS Connect event in Brussels, Belgium on February 4th. Peridot is a new open source build system developed at the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) to simplify the process of maintaining a downstream rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

During the presentation, Neil will:

  • Demonstrate how to set up Peridot in Kubernetes
  • Provide a sample exercise in patching an RPM to change a build-time flag
  • Discuss how Rocky Linux uses Peridot to efficiently rebuild all packages in Enterprise Linux and CentOS Stream
  • Explain how this helps drive upstream contributions while enabling Rocky's unique goals

This talk is ideal for anyone using RHEL-like operating systems and looking to improve their Linux deployment and management processes. To learn more about the benefits of Peridot and how it can optimize your Linux system and streamline your development workflow, be sure to attend Neil's talk at CentOS Connect and find him over the weekend for some Rocky Linux swag!

In addition to Neil's talk, CentOS Connect is a great opportunity to network with other Linux enthusiasts before FOSDEM. Register now to attend the event and don't miss out on the chance to learn about Peridot and more.

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