We’re delighted to announce that Atempo, a European-based software vendor that provides solutions to protect, store, move and recover mission-critical data sets, has partnered with CIQ to complete the certification of Rocky Linux for all of Atempo’s offerings. 

This is exciting news for Atempo customers, as they are looking for open source operating system choices that give them the power and flexibility of the former CentOS distribution. Now, Atempo customers can deploy Atempo solutions powered by Rocky Linux with confidence that the technology stacks are integrated for optimal performance with the Rocky Linux enterprise Linux distribution. 

Atempo has an excellent reputation for providing high-level technical expertise in protecting, migrating, and orchestrating very large data volumes. With this certification, Atempo customers in a wide variety of verticals, such as banking and financial services, life sciences, research, manufacturing, and media and entertainment, can confidently deploy to production, knowing that their solutions are validated and optimized for the Rocky Linux distribution.

Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo, said, “The support we’ve received from CIQ in our partnership helped us quickly achieve the Rocky Linux certification we needed, and we’re looking forward to expanding that collaboration going forward.”

We agree and are looking forward to working with Atempo on both current and future projects!

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