Warewulf is a bare metal, stateless, container-based cluster provisioning solution that builds on a well-established stateless provisioning paradigm and incorporates enterprise-grade containerization workflows to make it easy to manage clustered hardware at scale. Warewulf is among the most successful HPC cluster platforms in the industry with support from OpenHPC, contributors worldwide, and usage from every sector. Today, Warewulf unites the ecosystem with the ability to provision containers directly to the bare metal hardware at a massive scale, simply and flexibly.

Like Rocky and Apptainer, Warewulf benefits from an abundance of free community resources for users. These resources include the HPCng community, quick start guides, documentation, GitHub, mailing lists, the Warewulf Slack channel, and more, all of which provide users with a wealth of knowledge and support. 

Here’s the list of free community resources for Warewulf:

  • HPCng Community: HPCng, which oversees the Warewulf project, is an open community of people and organizations interested in the broad modernization of HPC capabilities across a wide range of use cases, ranging from traditional HPC to enterprise and hyperscale workloads.
  • Warewulf Slack Channel: To learn more about what Warewulf is up to and engage in conversations, be sure to join the Warewulf Slack Channel.
  • Warewulf Mailing List: The Warewulf Mailing List is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest developments with Warewulf. In addition, you can sign up for our CIQ newsletter on our blog page to get a summary of all of our product updates, events, CIQ news, and tips from our team of in-house experts.
  • Warewulf User Guide: Visit the Warewulf User Guide link for detailed documentation on various aspects of Warewulf, including an introduction to Warewulf and stateless provisioning, control server setup, Warewulf installation, configuration, initialization, and more.
  • Warewulf GitHub: Warewulf maintains the Warewulf Project on GitHub, which includes links to repositories as well as information on documentation, support, and community meetings/minutes.

While Warewulf offers a wealth of free resources, many who are putting Warewulf into production are looking for additional support. If you need dedicated escalation support for Warewulf, reach out to CIQ, and we’ll demonstrate what this looks like and how we can help you! We have experts available who can help you advance your mission, 24x7x365.

As you can see, there are many free resources available to the Warewulf community. Be sure to bookmark our Warewulf Community page, a handy and comprehensive reference guide where we’ll continue to update links to these various resources. These resources can help you learn to use Warewulf, troubleshoot, and get involved in the project, so be sure to take advantage of them.

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