I am thrilled to share with you a monumental step forward for the open source Enterprise Linux community. CIQ, in partnership with Oracle and SUSE, is excited to announce the formation of the Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA). This initiative is our collective response to the evolving landscape of Enterprise Linux, especially in light of recent changes made by Red Hat regarding the availability of RHEL source code. The goal of the association is to build a robust, community-driven standard that ensures impartiality and equilibrium in the EL ecosystem.

Why OpenELA?

The decision to establish OpenELA wasn't made in isolation. It was a direct answer to the challenges posed by Red Hat's recent policy shifts. At CIQ, we've always believed in the power of collaboration and open access. By teaming up with Oracle and SUSE, we’ll be able to provide the community with the tools, resources, and most importantly, the source code they need through OpenELA. With OpenELA, both upstream and downstream communities can fully leverage the potential of open source, from independent upstream projects through the delivery of compatible and standards based Enterprise Linux derivatives.

What's Next for OpenELA?

Starting later this year, OpenELA will release the sources essential for creating downstream alternatives compatible with the Enterprise Linux standard. The initial focus will be on versions EL8, EL9, and potentially EL7. I want to assure the community that our commitment to OpenELA is for the long-term success of everyone within the Enterprise Linux community. We are dedicated to ensuring the sources remain accessible and freely available indefinitely.

OpenELA's Guiding Principles

At the heart of OpenELA are core tenets that mirror our vision at CIQ:

  • Strict adherence to existing standards
  • Prompt updates and secure fixes
  • Transparency and community involvement
  • Ensuring resources remain free and redistributable for everyone

OpenELA is not just about three organizations; it's about the entire community. We invite organizations and community members to join us, contribute, and help shape a balanced and fair EL ecosystem.

Join the Movement!

For those who share our vision and wish to be part of this transformative initiative, I invite you to learn more and get involved at www.OpenELA.org/join

Gregory Kurtzer
CEO of CIQ & Founder of Centos and Rocky Linux | + posts

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