CIQ is honored to have been named Technology Company of the Year by Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. At their 16th Annual NCET Tech Awards on May 23, CIQ will be recognized for enhancing the growth and prestige of the technology community in Northern Nevada. 

CIQ is receiving the award in the wake of achieving several technology and corporate milestones, including the rapid ascent of Rocky Linux as a stable, reliable, and secure operating system, its establishment as the preferred replacement for CentOS, and the continuing development of our cornerstone HPC products, Warewulf and Apptainer

We have plans in place for additional product advancements in the months ahead, including Fuzzball, which simplifies and automates HPC, so users spend less time on infrastructure and more time on scientific research, modeling, or machine learning/AI projects.

CIQ is pleased to be acknowledged for the role that we have played in driving the development of world-changing technology in Nevada. We are a distributed organization with a presence in technology centers across the globe, but our roots are in Reno, and we’re looking forward to expanding in Northern Nevada as our company grows.

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