Organizations worldwide continue to face complex challenges in managing their software stacks and end-to-end solution deployments. To address this problem, CIQ is excited to announce the launch of CIQ Mountain. This powerful new platform helps you simplify infrastructure management and enhance your secure software supply chain, allowing you to focus more on your mission. 

CIQ Mountain offers several groundbreaking advantages for those who manage complex infrastructure, including:

  • Curated Assets 

Certified and supported, assets such as images, verifiable packages, containers, and individual applications and services with their associated configurations are curated and made available to authorized users. 

  • Globally Accessible

CIQ Mountain offers a complete catalog of standard, fully supported operating system images, containers (SIF and OCI), and curated packages. 

  • Privately Distributed

CIQ Mountain supports private mirror configurations. Users can quickly establish a private customer mirror within their own data centers.

  • Supported Everywhere

We support you everywhere, whether that’s AWS, GCP, OCI, Azure, on premise with every OEM, or even at the edge. Anywhere you want to operate, we will stand with you.

  • Built-In Security and Compliance

Rest easy knowing you have a secure software supply chain from the build process to the server. That includes knowledge of CVEs on every server as well as access to FIPS and hardened, long-term supported images.

These capabilities address some of the most pressing problems organizations face in securely managing solutions throughout the software lifecycle across a fleet of different infrastructure types. CIQ Mountain launches with a substantial set of certified and supported assets and turnkey solutions, such as Rocky Linux images, verifiable packages, containers, individual applications, and microservices with their associated configurations. It also supports private mirroring of these curated assets.

But this is just the beginning. 

We’re already working to deliver additional capabilities in the near future aimed at specific use cases, including academic research, commercial simulation, and life sciences. Each of these features is aimed at helping organizations drive towards their infrastructure management goals with less effort and risk associated with managing vital compute resources.

For more information on CIQ Mountain and how it can help your organization address the complexities of hybrid data center management, please email our team at [email protected].

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