I attended my first ASSESS Congress in 2022 to help simulation users connect the dots of HPC solutions, yet I was surprised at how this community helped me to realize that there were even more dots that I needed to connect myself. ASSESS stands for Analysis, Simulation & Systems Engineering Software Strategies. The initiative’s goals and mission align well with my own journey to expand HPC adoption. The congress is an annual meeting of experts who get together and discuss how to address hurdles of adopting advanced simulation in the engineering process. It was an eye-opening experience that helped me gain a broader perspective on the issues faced by the design community, and I’m looking forward to the 2023 meeting at the end of March.

NAFEMS, an international community focused on modeling, analysis, and simulation, acquired the ASSESS Initiative organization in 2022. This helps highlight the significance of the ASSESS mission. It made perfect sense to me when I read the announcement of the acquisition. Participants in the ASSESS Congress are passionate and driven to make a difference. Under the NAFEMS umbrella, there are more resources to continue the ASSESS mission. I also expect that it will provide a path for influencing and expanding the professional training that NAFEMS provides. 

The result? More people who are trained to adopt advanced technology. More people who can push the boundaries in their work. What’s not to love about that? That’s a big reason why CIQ is a platinum sponsor of the ASSESS Congress 2023. At CIQ, we bring deep experience in the system software infrastructure that enables advanced simulation. Just as we do in Rocky Linux and other software communities, we are increasing our participation to help support the simulation community. I’m not going to dance around the fact that it is also good business to work alongside potential customers. That’s just a wordy way to say I have a vested interest, both personally and professionally. We need more use of simulation, so we’re helping lower the barriers to its adoption.

Also, ASSESS Congress is a really interesting event. The themes include some of the most buzzworthy topics right now like generative design and digital twins. Credibility is hugely important, and that is not as straightforward to resolve as it may sound. I will leave it to the reader to check out the other themes. Being at the congress is about being there to participate and to help grow the space. CIQ is proud to be both a sponsor and a contributor.

Brock Taylor
VP of HPC and Strategic Partners at CIQ | + posts

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