CIQ Announces Turnkey Solution Stack for HPC Cluster Deployment

CIQ, the company building innovation with Rocky Linux, has added a new slate of assets to CIQ Mountain to address the needs of all HPC users. The Mountain repo as a service portfolio has been expanded to include full-stack high performance computing (HPC) subscriptions based on Rocky 8 and Rocky 9 and builds of Warewulf and Apptainer for use with Rocky 8 and Rocky 9.

Mountain is a global repository that provides software and artifact delivery and lifecycle management for turnkey solutions at any scale and across different infrastructure types, both on premises and in the cloud. All assets in the Mountain repository are certified, tested and backed by enterprise-level support from CIQ experts.

CIQ Mountain launched last month with a set of certified and supported assets and turnkey solutions such as Rocky Linux images, verifiable packages, containers, individual applications and microservices with their associated configurations.

Today’s announcement highlights the newest additions to the Mountain repository, including:

  • Full HPC stack subscriptions for Rocky 8 and Rocky 9

  • Builds of Warewulf and Apptainer for use with Rocky 8 and Rocky 9

  • Rapid bug fixes now delivered to subscribers via the Mountain platform

The tested codes feature popular open source research applications:

Learn more about these new capabilities in this blog post.

“As promised, CIQ is moving quickly to extend the Mountain portfolio to include certified and supported assets for our customers’ most popular workloads,” said Brock Taylor, vice president of high performance computing and strategic partnerships at CIQ. “The additions we are announcing today will be particularly valued by scientific and research institutions. Going forward, we will continue to add capabilities to Mountain on a regular basis, both to meet the needs of specific use cases as well as to help organizations in general achieve their infrastructure management goals with less effort and risk.”