CIQ now offers full software stack subscriptions for high performance computing clusters based on Rocky Linux. Available through the CIQ Mountain service, these curated software environments provide the foundation for research computing. Research institutions gain valuable expertise and stability built into their software ecosystem. Researchers benefit from powerful computing solutions with less pain.

For researchers

These software stacks are first and foremost about running HPC applications. We want researchers running jobs as much as possible without having to give much thought about cluster software. The CIQ HPC software stacks contain the tools needed to configure, compile, and execute jobs on a cluster and are vetted with popular research computing codes. The number of codes tested on these stacks will continue to grow over time, but the first round of testing featured some household names in research computing: GROMACS, OpenFOAM, LAMMPS, and Quantum Espresso. CIQ verified that each HPC software stack has the tooling needed to build and execute all of these codes. In doing so, we’ve resolved dependencies and removed barriers in order to provide a hassle-free experience. More research, less pain.

For system administrators

CIQ HPC software stacks provide the base solution to support research staff and maintain the critical compute infrastructure they rely on. With the CIQ Mountain service, administrators get access to a repository of all the elements in the software stack in one place. CIQ curates and tests those elements so administrators receive a secure and stable environment. That results in more time to engage the research staff and support their work. Because these stacks are vetted with a diverse set of applications, administrators can more easily support multiple research domains without requiring separately maintained solutions. More research, less pain.

For institutions

A CIQ HPC software stack subscription provides expertise to bolster the administrative staff and support the research mission. It’s no secret that hiring, training, and retaining HPC support staff is a challenge. The CIQ HPC software stacks provide baked-in professional know-how and testing to give support staff the right tools for the job. We provide an easier path to building and maintaining a stable, yet adaptive, environment for research staff to use in their work. More research, less pain.

HPC Software Subscriptions

Contact us at [email protected] to request more information on the HPC software stacks available in CIQ Mountain.

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