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The Warewulf community held its regular bi-weekly meeting on July 5, 2023. In this meeting, we discussed the upcoming v4.4.1 bugfix release, plans for a v4.5 release, new developments for support for secure boot, and the current status of Warewulf joining the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation as an RESF Project.

Bugfix release: v4.4.1

A few bugs have been fixed in the Warewulf development branch that we wanted to get into a release sooner than v4.5.0. To that end, we will be releasing v.4.4.1 in the next day or so, base off of the v4.4.x branch. Christian Goll (Suse) gave a brief tutorial on the release process, and Jonathon Anderson (CIQ) performed the release.

We also plan to start generating a v4.4.x build of the user documentation so that the functionality of each major version can be tracked independently as functionality is added to v4.5.x and later releases.

Secure boot support

Christian has been working on secure boot support for Warewulf based on integrating Grub as an alternative for iPXE. You can read more about this work in progress at https://mslacken.github.io/2023/06/30/warewulf4-secure-boot.html.

Christian suggested he might be able to demonstrate this functionality in our next meeting.

Warewulf disk provisioning support using Ignition

Christian has also been working on support for provisioning disk storage resources as part of the Warewulf provisioning process. This work-in-progress is available as a GitHub pull request, currently under review by Jonathon, and is expected to be included in v.4.5.0.

Next feature release: v4.5.0

The scope of the planned v4.5.0 is currently quite large, according to its current milestone. As currently documented, a v4.5.0 appears a ways off; so we may audit this current milestone to move some of this work to a different release milestone. That said, much of the work documented there is relatively straightforward; so we may still see the majority of these issues included in a v4.5.0 once some of the larger changes (like disk provisioning, above) are done.

Towards joining the RESF

Warewulf is in talks with the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation towards joining the Foundation as an RESF project. The Warewulf project has provided draft bylaws and is currently waiting for a complete RESF Project Agreement from the RESF for review.

Joining the Warewulf community

As always, if you’re interested in being a part of the Warewulf community, come find us at https://warewulf.org/help. There you’ll find pointers to the active Slack community as well as a traditional email mailing list. There’s lots of opportunity to get involved, be it code development, documentation, or community support and development. We’d be pleased to welcome you aboard!

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