Holiday Gift Guide for Rocky Linux Users

Holiday Gift Guide for Rocky Linux Users
December 22, 2022

It's that time of year when people feel a bit jollier and more giving. That's right, it's the holiday season. In fact, Christmas is just a few short days away, and you might be thinking, "What do I get my favorite Rocky Linux user for Christmas?"

Well, there are plenty of things those beloved friends and family members would delight in having. So, whether it's for Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year, or just to thank them for being an amazing person, we want to make sure you know what to buy and where to buy it.

Of course, everyone's taste varies, but there are some pretty universal gifts every open source Linux fan will appreciate. And so, without further ado, let's get to the gifts.

Swag from the Rocky Linux Store

It should come as no surprise that Rocky Linux has its swag store where you can purchase all sorts of Rocky Linux-branded items. You'll find masks, beanies, stickers, mugs, backpacks, shorts, sweats, t-shirts, coolers, hoodies, and more. Even better, every purchase supports the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF). Every order under $100 is labeled as "Gift from Donation" so no there'll be no added taxes and charges when shipping outside of the USA.

How about a Book?

Everyone loves a good book. Your Rocky Linux fan will really appreciate Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide, Eighth Edition 8th Edition book, which was written by CIQ employee, Wale Soyinka.

Another great book is the 10th edition of the Linux Bible, written by Christopher Negus.

If your Rocky Linux fan also enjoys the writings of Neil Stephenson (and who doesn't?), they'd surely like In the Beginning...was the Command Line, which is his delightful treatise on cyber-culture.

Maybe Some Hardware?

If that Linux fan is looking for a new laptop, consider one of the following options:

Or perhaps, your loved one/friend would like a single board computer that will allow them to tinker with Linux in many different ways. Such boards/kits include:


If your Linux fan is also a gamer, you could go all out and purchase them a Steam Deck, which is powered by, you guessed it, Linux! With a Steam Deck, your Linux fan can play a host of exciting games.

If the Steam Deck is too pricey, you can always go for Steam gift cards, which will allow your Linux lovers to purchase games on the Steam platform.

Miscellaneous Gifts

Everyone likes a good sticker, right? So why not go all out and spend a couple of bucks on Linux stickers from Stickermule. What about magnets? When a sticker won't do, a magnet is a great way to show your support for Linux. You'll find some swell Linux magnets at Redbubble.

If you're feeling a bit more altruistic, you could always set up a regular donation to your friend/loved one's favorite Linux project or get them a subscription to Linux Magazine.

Most Linux lovers are also fans of music. One gift you might offer is a Spotify Premium plan. Considering Spotify uses a lot of open source software and even has a Linux desktop client, it's a great gift for your music lovers.

Does your Linux fan drink coffee? If so, this Linux coffee mug might just hit the spot.

If your Linux fan is also concerned about their security, you might consider a Librem Key, which is a hardware-based encryption key store that can be carried around.

There are plenty of gifts to delight your Linux fans during this holiday period. When all else fails, remember that most Linux fans are fans of technology in general, so the sky's the limit.

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