Get Out of the Red and Save 40% by Switching to Rocky Linux with CIQ

Get Out of the Red and Save 40% by Switching to Rocky Linux with CIQ
the CIQ TeamFebruary 23, 2024

The Enterprise Linux operating system has always presented users with 2 options:

  1. get it for free and rely on the open source community for help, or
  2. pay for a license from a company that provides support.

Depending on your use case, internal and external policies, and needs, you chose the path that was best for you or your company. And while that is still an option, the cost to open a support ticket has significantly increased over time with the customer perception that calling for help was harder, more challenging, and dependent on how many sockets your server has or how many VMs you were running.

Combine the ever-increasing cost for your operating system with the cost of the latest hardware and software that are essential to do the cool stuff you want to do and things will get cut. You may have to change your hardware spec, reduce the footprint size, shrink the scope, or worse: shrink a team.

Providing support for an Enterprise Linux operating system isn't easy, but the cost doesn't need to be overinflated with a bloated support system. Companies should look at support from this perspective:

  • The vendor must have the expertise on staff, with knowledge in the space, and customer referrals that I recognize.
  • The vendor terms and conditions (T&C) and service level agreement (SLA) must meet my needs.

From there, the only thing left to do is compare the prices between competing vendors.

At CIQ, we support people, not nodes or CPUs. We believe in helping IT and R&D teams do more with less. Because of these beliefs, we are launching our "Get Out of The Red" campaign to help companies stop overpaying for the right to open a support ticket. And we are doing it all with Rocky Linux.

Why migrate to CIQ and Rocky Linux?

Rocky Linux, coupled with CIQ’s support and services, is the clear successor to CentOS Linux. Fulfilling the original CentOS vision, it is backed by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation to ensure that it always remains open and available to the community and to avoid such disruptions again in the future.

Rocky Linux is a drop-in replacement for the full family of Enterprise Linux distributions running on-premise or in the cloud. Workloads running on any Enterprise Linux (including both CentOS Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux™) can be migrated directly to the matching version of Rocky Linux without modification. Additionally, CIQ’s migration services reduce complexity and mitigate risks to your production data and workloads, ensuring the long-term security and stability of your migrated systems.

Rocky Linux is ideal for enterprises because it provides compatibility at the most granular level and is under intensive development by the open source community.

Less red, more green

The CIQ Enterprise Linux Platform, built on Rocky Linux, enables customers to run on-premise or in the cloud, optimizing how customers manage the performance and cost they need for each workload. It offers substantial cost savings of 40% (or more) without compromising on enterprise-grade support for your mission-critical workloads.

CIQ support for Rocky Linux is also available in major cloud marketplaces, enabling you to maximize your committed spend wherever you’ve based your operations.

Adding even more value, the CIQ Enterprise Linux Platform securely delivers updates to Rocky Linux and enables automation with Ascender, which is 100% compatible with your current Ansible playbooks.

There’s a reason why Rocky Linux is the fastest-growing Enterprise Linux distribution. Download our migration guide to learn more about how to get out of the red and start saving today!

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