Oracle CloudWorld 2022 (October 17-20, Las Vegas) is just around the corner, bringing together more than 60,000+ members of the Oracle ecosystem! This four-day conference is the industry’s most comprehensive conference for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and cloud applications community, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

With over 2,000 sessions, it can be hard to decide which sessions to attend. We’re making it easy for you by highlighting our top three picks (featuring CIQ speakers, of course!):

Stable Diffusion on Rocky Linux with Apptainer [LRN4879]

Date: Tuesday, Oct 18 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT, Summit 211, Caesars Forum

Speakers: Forrest Burt, HPC Systems Engineer, CIQ, and Dave Dickerson, Director of Sales and Ecosystem Partners, CIQ

Session description: For good reasons, AI image generation is one of the hottest topics in computing at the moment. We look at how to use Apptainer to containerize Stable Diffusion—one of the most advanced open source AI image generators currently available—before using this container to run inference with the model on a GPU-enabled Rocky Linux compute shape in the Oracle Cloud. We compare the performance achieved in the Apptainer to a comparable run done on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure bare metal, and even show how this container can be easily moved from OS to OS in the Oracle Cloud and still maintain its capabilities.

What Do You Get When You Cross Cloud, Enterprise, and HPC? [LRN4877]

Date: Wednesday, Oct 19 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM PDT, Summit 215, Caesars Forum              

Speakers: Gregory Kurtzer, CEO, CIQ, and Arthur Tyde, VP Business Development, CIQ

Session description: What Do You Get When You Cross Cloud, Enterprise, and HPC? That’s the question Gregory Kurtzer—the cofounder of CentOS and founder/CEO of CIQ—set out to answer. CIQ has created an innovative computing platform from the ground up to cover all software infrastructure issues at scale. Starting with Rocky Linux, the base operating system, containers (Singularity/Apptainer), provisioning (Warewulf), and all the way through the computing stack, Kurtzer and his team take their experience of not only managing massive compute clusters in the scientific world but also unifying the entire software infrastructure for cloud, multicloud, on-premises, multipremises, and edge computing applications for the enterprise. It’s a fun ride from the dawn of Enterprise Linux and open source to global hyperscale adoption.

In-Place Migration from CentOS to Rocky Linux Using migrate2rocky [LRN4878]

Date: Thursday, Oct 20 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM PDT, Summit 214, Caesars Forum

Speakers: Jonathan Anderson, Sr. HPC Engineer, CIQ, and Robert Adoph, CPO, CIQ

Session description: Following the end-of-life announcement for CentOS 8 and the change in direction for the CentOS project overall, existing CentOS customers were left without a future upgrade path. To address this, Gregory Kurtzer, the cofounder of CentOS, launched Rocky Linux. By using its migrate2rocky tool, an existing Enterprise Linux 8 deployment—including CentOS 8—may be migrated in place to Rocky Linux 8, where it is supported by the active and healthy Rocky Linux community as well as commercially supported on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) by CIQ.

Want to see a live demo? Jonathan and Forrest will man the demo stations outside the DevNucleus area of the showroom floor and to the left. Forrest will be at the demo station on Wednesday, October 19 at 10:00am, while you’ll find Jonathan there on Thursday at noon.

We know you’ll find these sessions informative, and we look forward to seeing you at Oracle CloudWorld 2022!

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