As the temperatures start to warm up (wishful thinking), so does the tech event season! This week, CIQ will be participating in two events on the west coast:

  1. AFCEA West - The AFCEA West conference for the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, from February 14-16 is an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the latest platforms, leading-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art networking capabilities that support the Sea Services' operations. 

    CIQers Dave Dickerson, Director of Channel and Ecosystem Partners, and Glen Otero, Ph.D, and Director of Scientific Computing, Genomics, AI & ML, will be walking the vendor floor and will be available to answer questions. If you’re interested in becoming a partner with CIQ and are attending the conference, please book a meeting with Dave.

    Be sure to visit our partner, Google Cloud, at booth #1323. If you’re a reseller and would like to get quotes for CIQ support, please visit our partner, TD Synnex Public Sector (DLT Solutions), in booth #2131.
  1. HPC-AI Advisory Council Stanford Conference 2023  - The Stanford High-Performance Computing Center (HPCC) and the HPC-AI Advisory Council are putting on their 14th annual conference collaboration this week, titled The HPC-AI Advisory Council Stanford Conference, from February 14-16, 2023. 
  • On Wednesday, February 15th at 10:05am, Gregory Kurtzer, Rocky Linux Founder and CIQ CEO, will deliver a talk titled “The HPC Ecosystem 101.” He’ll discuss the fact that while the HPC ecosystem has changed dramatically since the inception of the Beowulf cluster back in 1994, how we build and interact with these systems has changed little since. Gregory will highlight this evolution and share how new requirements are dramatically reshaping our interactions with HPC: open source, community, operating systems, architectures, and user experiences.
  • On Thursday, February 16 at 11:00am, David Godlove, Solutions Architect for CIQ, will present “Apptainer Makes Containerization Work for HPC+AI.” Here’s what he’ll cover in this talk:

    • Basic container and Apptainer intro
    - Why Apptainer was created
    - Singularity is now Apptainer
    OpenRadioss example

    Containers on HPC bare metal clusters
    • MPI demo using Apptainer on cluster over Ethernet
    • Running MPI jobs using a low-latency fabric
    • Jupyter notebook demo using Apptainer

    Containers and HPC workflows in the cloud
    • Basic Fuzzball intro and vision
    • Intro to workflows
    • Repeat the MPI demo
    • A Jupyter demo using Fuzzball
    • A DALL-E or Stable Diffusion demo using Fuzzball

We hope to see you at one or both of these events! Please reach out to us to learn more about how CIQ adds value on top of Rocky Linux, Apptainer, and other key open source technologies in the form of escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services.

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