CIQ Employee Spotlight: Rose Stein

CIQ Employee Spotlight: Rose Stein
May 25, 2023

Introducing our Employee Spotlight blog post series, which will shine a well-deserved spotlight on the remarkable individuals who make up our sales and technical staff at CIQ! We believe that behind every successful company are the dedicated employees who bring their unique talents, expertise, and passion to the table. Through this series, we aim to highlight the incredible contributions of these team members, showcasing their achievements, experiences, and the invaluable knowledge they bring to our organization. Get ready to meet the talented individuals who drive our success and learn more about their inspiring stories in this Employee Spotlight series. 

To kick the series off, we interviewed Rose Stein, Sales Operations Administrator, to find out what she enjoys about her sales position and working at CIQ. 

What attracted you to a career in sales?

It’s the one thing that scared me the most. The first time I had to say an actual price to a potential customer, I just stared at him weirdly, and then left the room. My boss was laughing so hard. Of course, I don’t have that problem anymore. Once I realized that sales is simply the exchange of value (money) for a service (product) that will improve someone’s life–not some way of trying to trick someone–it became fun. 

What drew you to CIQ?

When people at CIQ talk about what they are building and how it can help people, it’s truly inspiring. Who doesn’t want to be on a team of people who are all really happy to go to work every day?

What do you think sets CIQ apart from other organizations?

There is a certain vibe to a person who loves open source solutions. At CIQ, we provide professional support for 3 majorly popular open source projects. This makes it possible for companies of all sizes and even individual people to benefit from and contribute to the development of software worldwide. 

What's your role in the company, and what do you enjoy most about it?

My role as Sales Operations Administrator is to make sure that people who want and need our products and services understand and have access to our products and services. It seems simple, but we have grown so fast and there is so much interest in what we are doing that we need people to connect with what really matters: our community. 

What’s your sales philosophy? 

How can I help?

What do you find most rewarding about your job? 

I really love working from home with so many brilliant minds all across the world building things that help make other people’s jobs easier. Super cool!

What do you do to stay motivated and inspired in your work?

My understanding is that motivation comes from the outside, whether that’s money, people, or success, and inspiration comes from the inside. I have found that motivation will get you to the door, but inspiration is needed to really go all the way. I keep inspired by taking really good care of my physical, mental, and emotional life, so I am able to show up every day fully.

How do you think your work contributes to the overall success of the company?

Well… no customers, no company! 

What advice would you offer to anyone starting a career in sales? 

If you are just starting a career in sales, I would encourage you to be yourself. Everyone will have opinions on how you ‘should’ do things, and that is good to consider, but always be true to yourself, then everybody wins. Sales should always be a win-win. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? Just kidding. I enjoy cooking (and eating), going for hikes with my son, Jamez, and our dog, Sierra Queen, snowboarding, traveling, trying out new restaurants, gardening … and anything that has to do with spending time with my son. With this boy, that means basketball!

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