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CIQ is proud to announce the general availability of our new Rocky Linux solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace. As an evolution of our partnership with Google Cloud, we’re excited to provide customers and partners with a world-class Rocky Linux experience backed by CIQ expertise and support through Google Cloud Marketplace. 

Rocky Linux, the world’s fastest growing enterprise Linux distribution, has rapidly garnered acclaim and adoption for its compatibility, performance, and advanced security features. 

Following a tremendous increase in demand for Rocky Linux in the enterprise and public sector, CIQ has been working with Google Cloud to provide enhanced solutions for specialized workloads that enable customers to receive tailored configurations and support for their unique use cases. 

Customers and partners will now be able to test, procure, and deploy Rocky Linux with CIQ Premium Support while taking advantage of many Google Cloud Marketplace benefits including private offers, integrated billing, fast procurement, and retiring their committed Google Cloud spend.

In addition to this exciting news, our technical teams have been hard at work developing enhancements to Rocky Linux on Google Cloud. A few highlights include:

  • Engineered for Enterprise Workloads: Tailor your Linux environment to match your specific needs with CIQ. Our Rocky Linux images are custom-built to your specifications and engineered to meet the requirements of enterprise use cases including Enterprise Applications, Databases, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Whether it's fine-tuning performance parameters or customizing system configurations, CIQ provides the expertise and flexibility you need to optimize your workloads on Google Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Optimized for Google Cloud: Leverage the full potential of Google Cloud with a Rocky Linux environment that's designed to power your enterprise workloads and maximize their performance on Google Cloud. Benefit from enhanced stability, performance, and security to power your mission-critical workloads.
  • 24/7 Enterprise Support from CIQ: Gain peace of mind knowing that our dedicated support team and Rocky Linux experts are available 24/7 to address any issues and provide guidance. We’re always ready to help so that you have the answers you need, whenever you need it.
  • Long-Term Support: Ensure your software supply chain remains robust and reliable throughout its lifecycle. Scale and secure your fleet with regular updates, patches, and industry-leading security measures to keep your environment protected and maintained. 

CIQ is proud to offer new Rocky Linux solutions that combine the best of Google Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure and cloud marketplace capabilities with our engineering prowess and hands-on support. 

We look forward to helping our joint customers accelerate their cloud transformations and improve efficiency, security, and performance.

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Colin VanderSmith
Colin VanderSmith
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