Warewulf CIQ Solution Brief

Warewulf CIQ Solution Brief
May 1, 2024

A stateless provisioning solution that makes it easy to manage clustered hardware at scale.

Warewulf Enables Easy Cluster Provisioning and Management at Massive Scale

Whether you’re managing tens of nodes or tens of thousands, you want the simplest way to provision, configure, and control your cluster, freeing you up to focus on your applications. Warewulf does just that, building on a well-established stateless provisioning paradigm and incorporating containerization workflows to make it easy to manage clusted hardware at scale.


Easy to change and customize for any clustering use case.


With minimal system requirements, it’s easy to get started, optimize, customize, and integrate.

100% Open Source

Warewulf has broad community and institutional support from vendors, national labs, and universities.


Warewulf enables HPC applications without getting in the way.


From tens to thousands of nodes.


Supports SELinux, per-node asset keys, and access controls.


Stateless provisioning of entire clusters. Hard drives are optional. Stateless does not equal diskless; compute nodes can still take advantage of local storage and remain stateless.

Warewulf: Community & Market

Warewulf is used pervasively throughout the HPC industry to facilitate everything from small, scientist-run clusters to large HPC center clusters, and even clusters of clusters. The stateless design makes Warewulf highly scalable, easy to deploy, administer, debug, and secure any clustering environment. Node types, configuration, and optimizations can be easily applied via container images and overlays. Turnkey clusters for specific needs and profiles can be easily deployed by provisioning pre-configured containers.

Warewulf Enhancements & Solutions by CIQ

  • Enterprise Level Production Support
  • Integration and Deployment
  • Turnkey Node Containers
  • FIPS Compliance
  • Imaging as a Service
  • Environments as a Service
  • Cluster as a Service

CIQ Support

Support and services for Warewulf are available from CIQ. Not only did our CEO, Gregory Kurtzer, create the Warewulf project, but also we employ experts who can help you tackle the most challenging Warewulf configuration. The first person you talk with will stay with you through resolution. We don’t route you to a call center or Level 1 support technician who doesn’t have the knowledge to solve your issue.

CIQ Support Offerings Standard Premium
Hours of Coverage Standard Business Day8am - 6pm in your local
timezone3 24x7 FTS Support1
Support Channels Web & Email Web & Email
Named Customer Success
Slack Access to CSM2
Response Times Initial and Ongoing Response Initial and Ongoing Response
Severity 1 (Urgent) 1 business hour Initial Response: 30 minutes
Ongoing Response: 1 hour or as agreed
Severity 2 (High) 4 business hours 2 hours or as agreed
Severity 3 (Normal) 1 business day 4 business hours or as agreed
Severity 4 (Low) 2 business days 1 business days or as agreed
  1. 24x7 "Follow the Sun" (FTS) Support for Severity 1 Issues. Otherwise,

standard SLA's apply. 2. Reserved for Enterprise customers with defined spend agreement. 3. See Terms & Conditions and the MSA.

CIQ, Open Source to the Core

Open source software is not a company asset or gimmick; rather, it is a community-first development and collaboration model. We encourage our customers to engage with the community directly to learn first-hand about the many advantages of Apptainer.

Our goal is to add value on top of Warewulf and other key open source technologies in the form of escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services.