System stability with CIQ Rocky Linux LTS

System stability with CIQ Rocky Linux LTS

Challenge and Opportunity

A global leader in industrial manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare, and infrastructure, faced a critical challenge with their server infrastructure. The conglomerate manages over 30,000 Linux servers, a mix of CentOS 7 and Rocky Linux 8.6, crucial for supporting their diverse and technologically advanced operations. As CentOS 7 reached its end-of-life, they needed a sustainable strategy to maintain these systems on Rocky Linux 8.6, ensuring continued stability, security, and compliance without disrupting their global operations. The goal was to stabilize their infrastructure to continue providing reliable tooling to their customers and support their broad array of services efficiently.

CIQ's Role and Impact

CIQ addressed the manufacturer’s need for long-term support and stability through the implementation of LTS 8.6, which ensured that their servers would remain supported and receive necessary patches while maintaining the required version of Rocky Linux. Furthermore, CIQ proposed the integration of Bridge, a tool designed to facilitate the migration from CentOS to Rocky Linux seamlessly. This proposal aimed to ensure that the manufacturer could manage their transition smoothly, without affecting the operational integrity of their critical systems. Working closely with their centralized IT and engaging in VP-level dialogues facilitated a tailored approach that aligned with Siemens' strategic IT objectives and operational demands.


The partnership with CIQ has empowered the leading manufacturer to stabilize their extensive server environment effectively, ensuring several more years of supported, secure, and reliable operations. By maintaining their systems on Rocky Linux 8.6 with LTS, Siemens has safeguarded their infrastructure against potential vulnerabilities and compatibility issues, thereby enhancing their capability to deliver continuous, high-quality service across their sectors. The ongoing discussions about integrating Bridge reflect CIQ's commitment to supporting them through their IT evolution, optimizing their infrastructure resilience, and preparing them for future technological advancements. This strategic support has not only fortified the manufacturer’s technological foundation but also reinforced their commitment to innovation and sustainability in their global operations.