Scaling HPC on Rocky Linux with CIQ

Scaling HPC on Rocky Linux with CIQ

Challenge and Opportunity

A leading AI and cloud data platform is known for handling massive data loads with high-speed processing and low-latency and needed an operating system that could match its performance requirements. In exploring the capabilities of OS and ISVs they determined that CIQ with Rocky Linux was a better fit than Red Hat with RHEL based on support and cost.

CIQ's Role and Impact

CIQ is supporting the cloud data platform by making Rocky Linux the OS for the platform, which they are rebranding as a proprietary OS. This collaboration involved not only the rebranding but also incorporating the operating system as a subsystem, providing long-term support (LTS), and ensuring that proprietary OS was optimized for high-performance computing (HPC). CIQ's expertise in creating performance-optimized Linux environments allowed them to maintain confidence in their choice, seeing CIQ as a crucial partner in scaling their business efficiently.


The partnership between the leading AI cloud data platform and CIQ led to significant improvements in their operational capabilities. The custom Rocky Linux solution equipped them with the necessary tools to manage their high-performance requirements effectively, ensuring a seamless integration of cloud and on-premises storage. This solution not only supported the platform's growth ambitions but also enhanced their sustainability efforts by optimizing energy usage and reducing carbon emissions. The collaboration resulted in a robust, scalable, and cost-effective platform that continued to meet the evolving needs of the data platform’s diverse client base.