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Ascender Automation webinar

Ascender Automation: Mastering Rocky 8 to 9 Migration and AAP to AWX Integration

This webinar will show you how to use Ascender Automation to migrate from Rocky 8 to Rocky 9, as well as how to migrate from AAP to AWX.  About Ascender: Ascender, leveraging open source Ansible AWX, governs automation of Rocky Linux workloads and other infrastructure at an enterprise level. With Ascender, a single administrator can...
Watch Now Ascender Automation: Mastering Rocky 8 to 9 Migration and AAP to AWX Integration


meet the industry leaders arthur tyde CIQ

Meet the Industry Leaders Featuring Arthur Tyde

Join for our second edition of Meet the Industry Leaders, where we engage in thoughtful conversations with top figures in the open source space. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the remarkable journey of Arthur Tyde, a true luminary in the open source community. With three decades of experience, Tyde has been at the...

Navigating Container Security - Apptainer vs. Rootless Podman Unveiled

🔐 Unlocking Container Security: A Comprehensive Webinar Dive deep into the world of container security with our upcoming webinar as we dissect and compare the security features of Apptainer and Rootless Podman. In this single-session exploration, we bring you insights from the three detailed blog posts: 🛡️ "Fortifying Your Containers: Apptainer's Security Arsenal" Join us...

Live at SC23

We are going live at the CIQ booth to interview and discuss this SC! Speakers

Live at SC23: Demos and Tours

Join us live at SC23! We will be doing live demos, tours of other booths, and an interview with the winners (who used Rocky Linux) of the student cluster competition. Tune in, ask questions, and virtually join us at SC23! You'll see these live talks: Speakers

Live Demos at SC23!

Join us live at Supercomputing 2023! This will be live at the floor of SC23 so feel free to ask questions throughout the stream. Watch these live talks: Speakers

Pre-SC23 Kick Off!

Join us as we kick off the countdown to SC23 with an exciting pre-conference webinar that you simply can't miss! Get ready for an event filled with insights, innovations, and exclusive sneak peeks. Here's what you can expect: 🎥 Live Demo Showcase: Witness firsthand our cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovations in action. Prepare to be...

Part 2 - Storytime: Tales of HPC Disasters, Recovery, and Resilience

Ever wondered what it's like to face High Performance Computing disasters head-on and emerge stronger than ever? Join our exclusive panel of HPC experts as they reminisce on their unforgettable experiences, share their epic tales of recovery, and impart invaluable lessons learned along the way. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your HPC...

Containerization, Cloud, Collaboration: Cutting-Edge Approaches with Altair and CIQ

Discover how the fusion of containerization and cloud technologies is propelling OpenRadioss to new heights. Join us for a cutting-edge webinar on containerization, cloud, and collaboration. What to expect:   🔧 Containerization: Learn about automatic installation of OpenRadioss and ParaView, Apptainer integration with MPI and GPUs, and community growth core values behind open sourcing OpenRadioss....

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