USB and Raspberry Pi Version Rocky Linux

USB and Raspberry Pi Version of Rocky Linux? Oh yes!

There are a million things that you can do with Linux but it's neat to see Rocky Linux being used in different ways. Check out the links below to learn how to create a Rocky Linux bootable USB drive and how to Homebrew Rocky on Raspberry Pi.

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How to create Rocky Linux 8 bootable USB drive:


Raspberry Pi (AARCH) image:


Native M.2 NVMe on a Raspberry Pi - CM4 TOFU:



  • Forrest Burt, High Performance Computing Systems Engineer, CIQ
  • Zane Hamilton, Vice President of Sales Engineering, CIQ

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Full Webinar Transcript:

Forrest Burt:

Not only is there a live USB version of Rocky Linux out there for any hobbyists in the sphere, somebody has even put together Raspberry Pi images, stuff like that. You can burn them and use them on your little micro computer platforms as well. Those are pretty fun to mess around with.

Zane Hamilton:
I have done that one. That's actually running the desktop for me.