Containerization, Cloud, Collaboration: Cutting-Edge Approaches with Altair and CIQ

Discover how the fusion of containerization and cloud technologies is propelling OpenRadioss to new heights. Join us for a cutting-edge webinar on containerization, cloud, and collaboration.

What to expect:  

🔧 Containerization: Learn about automatic installation of OpenRadioss and ParaView, Apptainer integration with MPI and GPUs, and community growth core values behind open sourcing OpenRadioss.  

☁️ Cloud: Realize the limitless power of the cloud, enabling efficient utilization of HPC resources. Soar into the world of detailed simulations, AI/ML experimentation, and cost optimization without the burden of extra licensing fees.

🤝 Efficient Collaboration: Explore Altair’s dynamic partnership with CIQ (and Oracle), active members of the OpenRadioss community.


  • Zane Hamilton, Vice President of Sales Engineering, CIQ: LinkedIn
  • Rose Stein, Sales Operations Administrator, CIQ: LinkedIn
  • Dave Godlove, Solutions Architect, CIQ: LinkedIn
  • Eric Lequiniou, Senior Vice President, Radioss Development and Altair Solver HPC, Altair: LinkedIn