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We’re excited to announce the availability of a comprehensive software stack for high performance computation of shapes via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. This application package, bundling OpenRadioss and ParaView on Rocky Linux 9.1, offers a complete solution for simulating and visualizing complex, non-linear problems on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

A comprehensive package

Building on its past success in containerizing builds of OpenRadioss using Apptainer and ParaView for post-processing, CIQ has now bundled both applications together within a Rocky Linux 9 image. The package includes these software components:

  • OpenRadioss: an industry-proven open source Finite Element Analysis solver developed by Altair and made available to the open source community since 2022
  • ParaView: an award-winning open source visualization application
  • Rocky Linux: a popular Enterprise Linux distribution, widely recognized as the successor to CentOS for many use cases, including scientific applications like OpenRadioss

It also incorporates a selection of sample workloads from the OpenRadioss community site, enabling users to easily access and use these resources within the Rocky Linux environment.

Get started in the OpenRadioss community

By creating this package and making it available in Oracle Cloud, we have provided a quick path to get started in the OpenRadioss community. It allows anyone interested to execute some of the sample OpenRadioss workloads or bring their own workloads. The intent is to get more users running and providing their feedback in the OpenRadioss forums, which will help drive the code and ultimately expand simulation use. 

Community support and engagement

CIQ's commitment to the OpenRadioss community goes beyond software. By offering resources, guidance, and support, CIQ fosters a welcoming environment, empowering individuals to engage with the simulation code and leverage its capabilities with ease.

Learn more

Read our fast-track guide to exploring OpenRadioss and ParaView on Oracle Cloud.

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