CIQ's live chat with the ProTech Show! Part 6

November 18, 2021

The team talks about CIQ's support model and how we are supporting people, not machines.

Webinar Synopsis:

  • Server Support For All

  • What Server Support May Look Like

  • Good Solid Answers And Follow Ups


  • Andrew Quinn, Host, The ProTech Show

  • Robert Adoph, Chief Product Officer, CIQ

  • Amy Tilghman, Linux Support Engineer, Rocky Linux

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Full Webinar Transcript:

Server Support For All

Andrew Quinn:

I have, it is actually running, CentOS 7 still running. I have a server in my house, which I need to upgrade. You can imagine why I held off on it. If I upgrade that to Rocky, can I, as an individual, if I have a problem, can I come and you will help me without charging full Enterprise rates? That is an interesting way to do things. How do you set yourself up for that? Because back in a previous life, I did Joe Public computer support. Also, I work for a company, which does Enterprise computer, well server support. It is a very different ballgame. The skills required are different. The pricing models are very different. How do you do that in a way that is affordable for your users and also sustainable for you guys? 

What Server Support May Look Like

Robert Adolph:

Great question. We think about this a lot. Amy alluded to this. Every time we talked to somebody to come on our team, we asked them, "Hey, as a user of Linux, what would you have liked? What would you want?" What we heard a lot was, I want a really good capability to click and find my answer or interact with a chat and get my answer immediately. Or I call somebody once and they answer me. I get to an engineer, I get to a software developer, I get to somebody that understands and has been in my spot before. It comes down to automation, maybe some AI or some self-help that is maybe a little bit more advanced. All the way up the stack of just getting better and repeating what comes up more and more as something that people can access extremely fast. Mustafa and Amy might give you some perspectives from their angle as they are building this. 

Good Solid Answers And Follow Ups 

Amy Tilghman:

I have spent a lot of time on support forums just in general to see what type of problems people have. Spoiler alert, a lot of people have the same problems. If you stay ahead of that, and you have the data and the information required to provide good solid answers and follow ups, you are going to help a very large number of people. I am not a statistician, but it  will be very helpful to capture that information and make it available.