CIQ's live chat with the ProTech Show! Part 5

November 18, 2021

The team talks about CIQ's support model and how we are supporting people, not machines.

Webinar Synopsis:

  • Focus On People As A Priority

  • Support Through A Human Connection


  • Robert Adoph, Chief Product Officer, CIQ

  • Amy Tilghman, Linux Support Engineer, Rocky Linux

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Full Webinar Transcript:

Focus On People As A Priority

Robert Adolph:

In the beginning, and our theory on this was we wanted to support people. Whether that was a startup with one Linux admin, which just needed help or a hobbyist at home to some of the largest institutions in the world. Then the other piece is that if you go to some of these large institutions, there is all the way from complete maintainers of the kernel themselves, all the way down to somebody who has just came out of college themselves. We wanted to have a mechanism to do that. Obviously, we also have a traditional mechanism for folks as well. We really wanted to focus on people and a lot of our model is built around how many people actually need support, not necessarily the number of servers and sockets that are out there. Amy is actually on our support team and maybe could give you a little bit of her perspective as well. 

Support Through A Human Connection

Amy Tilghman:

It is something I have not seen done before. When it was explained to me I had a moment where I was like, wow! This is actually really cool and I think people are going to be interested in this. Essentially, you get support through a person and not how many machines are responsible for, in the age of cloud, how many machines are you responsible for? They come up, they come down. The existing model in some cases does not make sense for people. For some people it totally does, and we support that as well. This is a new model and we are seeing what people think about it. So far, the response has been really good, and I am excited about it. Personally, I wish this was something that had been offered to me in the past.