Imagine: CIQ Is Your Team

Your needs are our needs; we are your team.

The CIQ support staff can extend your team to provide the best-in-class escalation help to ensure that you always have access to the answers you need, whenever you need it.

Whatever keeps your IT staff up at night, we want to help!

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What You Can Expect From Us

We measure our success on your success, so we take your needs seriously.

Our offerings come in various shapes and sizes designed to help people and teams meet and surpass their goals and expectations. From basic email and ticket-based help, to a direct line to access engineers and developers immediately, our team is your team.

Software infrastructure is multifaceted and complex. Even the best system administrators may need to call on a developer to help debug and resolve panics and regressions, and we want to help you.

Let us prove this to you. Contact us now to learn more.

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CIQ Support Offerings Standard Advanced
Hours of Coverage Standard Business Day 6am–6pm PT 24x7
Support Channels Self Help, Phone, Tickets, Email & Chat Self Help, Phone, Tickets, Email & Chat
Number of Cases Unlimited Unlimited
Escalation Efforts User, System Administration, and Security Escalation Dedicated Point of Contact for User, System Administration, Security, Engineering, and Development Escalation
Support By the Person Unlimited Nodes, Containers, Virtual Machines Unlimited Nodes, Containers, Virtual Machines
Support By the Node 50 Nodes = 1 Person 50 Nodes = 1 Person
Response Times Initial Response Ongoing Response Initial Response Ongoing Response
Severity 1 1 Business Hour 1 Business Hour 15 Minutes 1 Hour
Severity 2 6 Business Hours 6 Business Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours or Agreed
Severity 3 6 Business Hours 1 Business Day 2 Hours 1 Day or Agreed
Severity 4 6 Business Hours 1 Business Day 2 Hours 1 Day or Agreed