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Lower your costs, not your performance

Never buy a license for free software! Ditch licensing fees for good with Rocky Linux, and buy only what you need for your business goals from CIQ.

You deserve performance and value

Open source is fantastic at helping organizations reduce their costs because it is free to obtain, but it can also be expensive to do right. CIQ believes in the freedom of choice, this means you can have everything, and we are here to help only where you need it.

Guaranteed savings:

How does saving 45% sound?

Our customers who switch from legacy Linux providers to CIQ can save an average of 45%. Don’t pay for free software, instead get, better support, more automation and integration (using tools like Ascender and Warewulf), and workload optimization with tailored images with performance and security optimization.

Stop overpaying for support

Are you overpaying for a bloated support system and CPU socket-based pricing? CIQ supports people, teams, and organizations, not contract terms and hardware. Get much better support at a much lower price.

Lower cost in every cloud

Whether you’re on-premise, in the cloud, or both, CIQ can optimize your performance and costs. Our tools run everywhere and are supported everywhere, including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and your own data centers.

No-brainer migration

Need to replace CentOS? Rocky Linux provides “bug-for-bug” compatibility with enterprise Linux that allows you to use the same tools and processes you are familiar with.

Enterprise Linux for less

Whether you are designing and deploying custom clusters, developing an HPC capability, or scaling to meet the needs of a rapidly growing enterprise platform, CIQ and Rocky can deliver the performance you need along with serious savings.

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