Rocky Linux Pricing

Rocky Linux: Always Free

Rocky Linux is free, as open source software should be, and provides the same level of functionality as paid distros. Rocky Linux is enterprise-ready and built for stability, with a 10-year support lifecycle and regular updates at no cost to users. A whole community of partners, sponsors, and users are dedicated to keeping Rocky Linux up to date, open source, and free. Migration to Rocky Linux is made seamless with an easy-to-use complimentary migration script.

Free Software vs. Commercial Software Licensing

Access to some leading Enterprise Linux distributions is restricted by licensing fees, with complex pricing models and subscription tiers. As the needs of users grow so will the price they pay for their distribution. On the other hand, Rocky Linux is free to use, forever, with no licensing fees or subscriptions. True to the original intent that created CentOS, Rocky Linux provides a top-tier Enterprise Linux platform that will never cost users a dime.

CIQ Support

Access to Rocky Linux is free and always will be. However, CIQ offers enterprise-class support and services for Rocky Linux users at affordable prices. CIQ is the founding sponsor of the Rocky Linux project and employs the industry’s leading experts to help users address challenges and tap into the full potential of the Rocky Linux platform. CIQ adds value to Rocky Linux through escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services. CIQ offers two price points for Rocky Linux support, standard and advanced. Both tiers allow users to submit unlimited cases and receive support for unlimited nodes, containers, and virtual machines. Advanced tier users gain access to 24-hour coverage, a dedicated point of contact at CIQ, and lightning-fast response times for emergency needs. This pricing model saves users money because it does not bill for every system, cloud instance, or container; CIQ supports people, not sockets or cores.

Rocky Linux Sponsors

Rocky Linux has an impressive list of sponsoring organizations that support the project and help maintain the commitment to the open source ethos upon which it was built. This broad industry involvement ensures that Rocky Linux is supported and compatible with top environments.

Rocky Linux sponsors: 

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