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Containers for Performance-Intensive Computing

Formerly Singularity, Apptainer is the leading container system for High Performance Computing.

Apptainer, created and founded as Singularity by Gregory Kurtzer (the CEO of CIQ), brings the benefits of containerization to HPC, enabling researchers to do science.

About Apptainer

Singularity was created to bring containers to HPC much like Docker did for the enterprise. And, in relatively short order, it became the dominant HPC container system. Due to a commercial fork, it remained clear that the project would benefit from being free of corporate control, so it was moved to the Linux Foundation and renamed to Apptainer.

Apptainer enables you to easily create and run containers that package up pieces of software in a way that’s portable and reproducible. You can use it to build a container on your laptop, then run it on one of the largest HPC clusters in the world, on a single server, on company clusters...the possibilities are endless.

Now that Apptainer is hosted by the Linux Foundation, the user base continues to expand and organizations across all industries and academia are using it. Apptainer’s optimizations for performance and parallelization make it ideal for use cases such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and compute- and data-driven analytics. 

Apptainer: Verifiable Single-file Containers for Performance Intensive Computing

Apptainer is designed to securely execute applications with bare-metal performance while being portable and reproducible. An Apptainer container packages up whatever you need into a single, verifiable file. From small laboratory clusters all the way to massively-scalable HPC clusters, Apptainer provides:

Support from CIQ

CIQ is uniquely positioned to offer amazing support and pre-built binaries for Apptainer. Not only did our CEO Gregory Kurtzer create Singularity and Apptainer, but the CIQ team is full of seasoned Apptainer developers and contributors.

Our Apptainer gurus can help you and your HPC and enterprise Performance Intensive Computing teams make the best use of containers when performance matters.

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