CIQ Honored as Technology Company of the Year at NCET Awards

Award comes as CIQ achieves new technology and corporate milestones.


CIQ, the company building the next generation of software infrastructure for enterprises running data-intensive workloads atop the Rocky Linux enterprise Linux distribution, has been named Technology Company of the Year by NCET, Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. Recognition in this category honors CIQ’s contribution to enhancing the growth and prestige of the technology community in Northern Nevada.

The NCET Technology Awards, now in its 16th year, along with the EDAWN Awards, will be held on May 23 at 5 p.m. at the Reno Elks Lodge. Tickets and more information are available here.

“We’re honored to receive this acknowledgment for the role CIQ has played in driving the development of world-changing technology here in Nevada,” said Gregory Kurtzer, founder and CEO of CIQ. “While we’re a distributed organization with a presence in technology centers around the globe, our roots in Reno are something we’re proud of, and we’re looking forward to sinking those roots deeper as our company grows.”

CIQ received the award in the wake of achieving several technology and corporate milestones, including the rapid ascent of the Rocky Linux enterprise Linux distribution for stable, reliable and secure enterprise and high-performance computing workloads; establishment of Rocky Linux as the preferred replacement for CentOS; and the continuing development of its cornerstone products for high-performance computingWarewulf and Apptainer. The company has plans in place for additional product advancements in the months ahead, including with its Fuzzball product, which simplifies and automates HPC so users spend less time on infrastructure and more time on scientific research, modeling or machine learning/AI projects.

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About CIQ
CIQ powers the next generation of software infrastructure, leveraging capabilities from enterprise, cloud, hyperscale and HPC. From the base operating system, through containers, orchestration, provisioning, computing and up to cloud applications, CIQ works with every part of the technology stack to drive solutions for customers and communities with stable, scalable, secure production environments. CIQ is the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux and the creator of the next generation federated computing stack. For more information, visit