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We're committed to our partners' success by providing them with industry-leading technology, integrated solutions, a comprehensive certification and validation program, and sales and marketing support.

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Become a CIQ partner today, and help your customers solve their complex problems in High Performance Computing (HPC), artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and Enterprise Linux. Enable your customers to build their business on the most secure, stable software infrastructure available.

Build powerful solutions

Leverage our technical depth and breadth in Rocky Linux to quickly create effective solutions for your customers.

Accelerate your growth

Access resources and support from CIQ to bolster demand for your services, seize more customer opportunities, and expedite your business growth.

Stand out from the crowd

Work with us to showcase your capabilities to your customers and distinguish yourself from the masses.

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CIQ Certification Program

CIQ is building a comprehensive Rocky Linux Certification Program that ranges from automated compatibility self-testing to full-stack solution validation.

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Grow Your Business with Rocky Linux & CIQ.

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