SuperServer SYS-241H TNRTTP

SuperServer SYS-241H TNRTTP

The Supermicro SuperServer SYS-241H-TNRTTP is a CIQ certified Rocky system.

Certification Summary

The certification data was generated on a representative instance of a SuperServer SYS-241H-TNRTTP, containing 8 nvme drives totaling 56T of storage and 39 64 Gb DDR5 memory cards totaling 2496 Gb of core memory.

Key Value(s)
OS Rocky Linux 8.6 x86_64
Certifier CIQ Inc
Vendor Supermicro

Note that software versions change over time and might obviate some certification details. Note as well that vendors may substitute or upgrade hardware components in small ways that generally should not affect certification results.

Certification Details

Suite ciq was executed on 2023-03-12. The resultant data contains one non-material dmesg notification. No stress test data was captured. No ethernet test data was captured.

Configuration Summary

Key Value(s)
Chassis Rackmount 2U
Motherboard X13QEH+
Firmware American Megatrends International, Version: 1.2, 32Mb SPI Flash ROM, Legacy and UEFI supported
CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8450H
Cache L1d 48K, L1i 32K, L2 2048K, L3 76800K
Memory 2496 Gb

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