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In the city where luck is everything, the world’s second largest software company took center stage with its CloudWorld 2023 conference—a four-day Las Vegas happening, a new home for the most comprehensive gathering of the Oracle community and ecosystem. Normally, I dread going to Vegas but there was an undeniable energy in the atmosphere. People were excited to be at a tech conference; it was infectious.  

The buzz wasn’t only about Oracle; it was also about the transformative solutions brought to the table by CIQ, which are detailed on our Oracle Cloud Partnership page. It’s definitely surreal to watch Elvis impersonators discuss cloud storage optimizations and roulette tables become metaphors for data migration in tech-centric CloudWorld, which transformed The Venetian into a hub for over 20,000 attendees. 

Here, dice roll in favor of innovative strategies like OpenELA – the vendor driven industry standard for Enterprise Linux (backed by CIQ, Oracle, SuSE, and others); powerful management tools like CIQ Mountain, automation solutions like CIQ Ascender, and AI/ML platform solutions from Ampere and Nvidia on CIQ Rocky Linux are a safe bets to make.

Team CIQ broke the rules this year. We avoided the temptation to do the “big booth thing” and anchored ourselves in the X Pot at Venetian; after all, it’s always 5:00 PM somewhere. The X Pot provided a serene lounge space in the Grand Canal area, just upstairs from the Conference and Expo Centre. Here, amidst chilled drinks and relaxed vibes, CIQ showcased its groundbreaking products: specifically, its open source, community-driven OS and Ansible-based configuration management solutions optimized for OCI and 100% compatible with all Enterprise Linux applications and workloads – both Oracle and open source. 

With CentOS's end of life on the horizon, many professionals are on the hunt for dependable alternatives that ensure compliance and can effectively replace Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Enter Rocky Linux by CIQ on Oracle Cloud. A whopping 80% of businesses are prioritizing cost-savings when choosing their Enterprise Linux vendor, and 67% of CentOS users are still scouting their migration paths. Rocky Linux has risen as the top choice globally, boasting 100% application compatibility, established community support, and unparalleled security as CentOS's successor. As an ISV, being Rocky-certified can offer 10x the potential customer footprint of Red Hat.

CIQ's approach is bespoke: tailoring Linux environments to individual enterprise needs. With consistent security updates, supported custom builds, automatic patching, and compatibility with Enterprise Linux applications, CIQ’s offerings have become a beacon for businesses. Notably, Rocky Linux images promise extreme compatibility and fine-tuning, ensuring optimal performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

But the benefits don't end there. By collaborating with OCI, CIQ ensures users reap the rewards of the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, including discounts and special offers, effectively enhancing business value and maximizing price performance.  The cherry on top? It’s CIQ’s exceptional 24/7 premium support, ensuring peace of mind and round-the-clock assistance. In fact, customers switching to Rocky Linux by CIQ on Oracle Cloud have reported an average annual saving of 75% compared to competitors. Moreover, the post-migration return on investment is reportedly three times faster with Rocky Linux by CIQ on Oracle Cloud. Ditch the MOS portal and give us a try.

In essence, while CloudWorld is a celebration of technology, innovation, and the future, it’s the human connections, facilitated by companies like Oracle, that truly make the experience invaluable. Here's to many more years of Oracle CloudWorld and the continued success of Oracle and CIQ in transforming the tech landscape!

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