Rocky Linux 9.2 Has Been Released

Rocky Linux 9.2 Has Been Released
May 17, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of Rocky Linux 9.2 for the x86-64, aarch64, and s390x architectures! As the founding support and services partner for Rocky Linux, we’d like to express our appreciation to our team as well as the entire developer community.

You can now download Rocky Linux 9.2 for x86-64, aarch64, and s390x architectures from the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation website. Before getting started, you’ll want to review the release notes in the Rocky Linux documentation, which includes important information about known bugs and changes. 

Major changes for Rocky Linux 9.2

  • centos-release-nfv now provides content built on RHEL 9 buildroots

  • The Container Universal Base Image rockylinux/rockylinux:9-ubi is now more similar to the RHEL UBI images:

    • Replaced packages: libcurl -> curl-minimal, libcurl-minimal

    • Added packages: gdb-gdbserver, gzip

    • Removed packages: binutils, brotli, dmidecode

    • network config cleanup added

  • Microsoft Azure images are now published in the Shared Galleries, providing a direct way to consume Rocky Linux images without subscribing to the image via the marketplace

  • LVM cloud image variants now remove /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices to resolve issues with PV/VG/LVs upon installation of the images due to being hardcoded to a specific device

Notable new features and changes

  • An aarch64 kernel with a 64kb page size is now available via the package kernel-64k

  • nfsrahead, a tool to configure the readahead for NFS mounts, was added

  • Intel Arc GPU support was added

  • The infamous Flatpak bug that breaks all fonts in applications using the default font (Cantarell) has been fixed

  • Wireguard once again works with SELinux enabled

Special Interest Group (SIG) notes

Upgrades and conversions

If you are a current user of Rocky Linux 9, you can upgrade to 9.2 via dnf update or from the desktop with GNOME Software, KDE Discover, etc.

Users of other Enterprise Linux 9 distributions can upgrade and convert to Rocky Linux 9.2 via the migrate2rocky conversion script.

Note: 9.2 release for PowerPC (ppc64le) architecture delayed

All releases of Rocky Linux go through rigorous testing to ensure stability, and that is how we discovered an architecture-specific issue on ppc64le systems with the bundled version of Python 3.9, which the entire operating system relies on. This issue, reproducible on CentOS Stream 9 and RHEL 9.2, prevents installing and may even break existing installations if they are upgraded. We have opened a bug report upstream and are working to fix it. You can also find details about a workaround for running DNF on ppc64le in the Rocky Linux documentation

For a more complete list of new features and changes, check out the Rocky Linux 9.2 Release Notes

We are thankful to all of the Rocky Linux project volunteers and leads for their efforts in producing, testing, and documenting this release! If you’re interested in the process, or want to help, join the team on Other ways to participate include the forums, IRC on Libera.Chat, Reddit, and RESF mailing lists.

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