As a lifelong believer in open source, I wanted to share a brief message and express our support for our community following recent announcements.

This week, Red Hat announced their intention to limit their support for open source and overlook decades of hard work by countless people that created the magic of our industry’s community-driven approach.

Although this decision alters the automation that we use for building Rocky Linux, we have already created a short-term mitigation plan and are developing a longer-term strategy. There will be no disruption or change for any Rocky Linux users, collaborators, or partners, thanks to our amazing teams and support.

This situation perfectly illustrates why we created Rocky Linux in the first place and why it has grown tremendously over the past two years—I believe open source should be freely available and completely stable. It should never be behind a paywall or under the control of a single company.

At CIQ and the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF), we are united with our partners and sponsors in the belief and power of open source. We cordially invite everyone to become a part of our expanding Rocky Linux family, which was created by the community, for the community. 
Looking ahead, we will become even more stable, supported, and secure. Stay tuned to this space as we continue to update you on our long-term plan moving forward. For additional information, read the official announcement from the RESF.

Gregory Kurtzer
CEO of CIQ & Founder of Centos and Rocky Linux | + posts

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