Looking for a deep-dive into Rocky Linux? Look no further than Admin Network & Security magazine, a publication of Linux New Media,  which recently published the Inside Rocky Linux Focus Guide.

In this special focus guide, you’ll get an in-depth look inside Rocky Linux. You’ll learn why Rocky Linux, which is still less than two years old, has already gained a wide audience with users around the world. Features include:

  • Discover Rocky: Find out why Rocky is emerging as a leading enterprise Linux. (Hint: it’s easy to use, easy to migrate to, and ready for heavy lifting).
  • Introducing Rocky LInux: Rocky Linux emerges as a free alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Rocky Linux in HPC: Explore the tools for high performance computing environments, and learn how Rocky Linux fills the void left by CentOS.
  • Migration Stories: Learn how to move from CentOS with migrate2rocky, a script that will automatically migrate your CentOS 8 system to Rocky Linux.
  • Interview with Rocky Linux Founder: Rocky Linux founder Gregory Kurtzer shares his thoughts on Rocky and the road ahead. You’ll learn about the Rocky development process, the game-changing build tool called Peridot, and why Rocky Linux is the best replacement for CentOS.

Download the free Inside Rocky Linux Focus Guide from Admin Network & Security now to get all the details. You can also download Rocky Linux here if you’d like to get started right away.

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