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As CentOS 8 reaches its end-of-life-status, Rocky Linux is filling the void, emerging as a top choice among enterprise Linux distributions. The accelerating interest in Rocky Linux is driving demand for formal training as more enterprise and government users deploy the operating system. In direct response, CIQ is unveiling an in-depth paid training program tailored for Rocky Linux system administrators.

CIQ is making this training available to anyone, whether they are a customer or not. As part of a series of offerings we’re developing, the first release is a multi-day Rocky Linux System Administration course, divided into three sections that cover these topics:

Introduction and Installation:

  • Introduction to Linux, Distributions and FOSS 
  • Deploying Rocky Linux 

Single-Host Administration:

  • Exploring the Shell and the Command Line 
  • Managing Software 
  • Managing Users and Groups 
  • Booting and Shutting Down 
  • File Systems 
  • Core System Services 
  • The Linux Kernel 
  • Backups

Networking and Security:

  • Network Configuration
  • Linux Firewall 
  • Secure Shell (SSH) 
  • Remote File Systems Client (SMB, NFS) 

This course sets a foundation for anyone, teaching all of the important skills to become a full-time Rocky Linux system administrator. Upon completion, participants will be adept at performing essential Rocky Linux sysadmin functions, ensuring seamless operations for their organizations. 

To stay ahead of the curve, request more information now about the Rocky Linux System Administration Training course. 

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